Participating Communities
Town of Bethany
Town of Chester
Town of Madison
Town of Clinton
Town of North Branford

What is the CT Solar Challenge?

Connecticut Solar Challengeā„¢ (CTSC) is a community based program that promotes the adoption of solar energy within Connecticut through cost reduction, community outreach & education.

The CT Solar Challengeā„¢ program reduces the traditional costs associated with sales and marketing through community involvement. CTSC further reduces costs by leveraging the purchasing power of a group and creating efficiencies of scale based on installing multiple solar-energy systems within the same geographic area.

Communities that sponsor the challenge earn a free solar energy system to be installed on a town property.
Participants save thousands of dollars on the cost to install solar!
Homeowners and businesses are eligible. The more participants the greater the savings!
See FAQs for information on joining the Challenge
See ABOUT for more information on the CT Solar Challenge.