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It’s finally here! Affordable, carbon-neutral, cost-saving, and community-building solar power.

Connecticut Solar Challenge™ (CTSC) is a community based solar energy installation program sponsored by your local municipality. Our job is to show you and your neighbors how you can leverage the purchasing power of a group to erase your utility bills, save money for your town, and increase the resale value of your home.

Communities that sponsor the challenge earn a free solar energy system to be installed on a town property. Participants save thousands of dollars on the cost to install solar.  Homeowners and businesses are eligible. The more participants the greater the savings!

“The town as a whole is participating in energy efficient programs that our task force has been promoting.  We have had a great response from the citizen’s and I want to set a good example by being one of the first to have my house assessed for energy efficiency and solar electric.”
- First Selectman of Clinton, Willie Fritz 

How do I participate?

  1. Check the list of sponsors to see if your community is participating.
  2. Sign up for a workshop or a site assessment.
  3. Get a quote from a certified solar installer.
  4. Stop paying the electric company.

Having solar power is that easy.

Don’t see your community listed?
Let us know you want them to participate.
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See ABOUT for more information on the CT Solar Challenge.