Connecticut Solar Challenge™ (CTSC) is a community based program that promotes the adoption of solar energy in Connecticut through cost reduction, community outreach & education.

CT Solar Challenge™ reduces the costs to install solar by:

  1. Leveraging the purchasing power of a group.
  2. Creating efficiencies of scale based on installing multiple solar-energy systems within the same geographic area through a single vendor.
  3. Reducing the costs of customer acquisition through alliances with community task force and volunteer ambassadors and advocates.

Town of Bethany Earns Solar Array through CT Solar ChallengeGet Free Solar Energy Systems for Your Community

Communities that sponsor the challenge earn a free solar energy system to be installed on a town property. System size is based on the total kW installed through CTSC in the community and the town receives 100% of the power generation benefits.

CT Solar Challenge Advantages to Your Town:

  • No cost to your town! All program materials are provided at no cost.
  • Receive a free solar energy system to be installed on a town-owned property. Town receives 100% of the electricity generated and 20 years of system maintenance included.
  • Clean Energy Communities receive points for each participant system installed, towards additional free solar energy systems!
  • Reduce the town’s carbon footprint.
  • Visibility: the town is actively working in the best interest of its residents by reducing energy consumption & helping to make solar energy affordable!

FAQs for Community Leaders

CT Solar Advantages to Participants:

  • Tiered pricing discount, based on the number of participants.
  • Generous state rebates and federal tax credits. (Rebates available only for solar PV systems. Tax credits available for PV or solar water heating systems. Pool heating systems do not qualify for rebates or tax credits.)
  • Eliminate or reduce electricity bills.
  • All types of solar systems qualify towards aggregate kW total toward earning a free system for town: Solar Electric, Solar Thermal & Solar Pool Heating.
  • System design based on customer’s requirements and budget. Not a “one size fits all” approach.
  • Strict vendor approval process to ensure participants receive the highest quality workmanship at the lowest possible price.
  • 25 year manufacturer warranty on Panels and Micro Inverters.
  • Installer is required to provide a 20 Year installation and labor warranty.

FAQs for Participants

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