Bethany Joins the CT Solar Challenge™

BethanyFirst Selectman Derrylyn Gorski announced today that the Town of Bethany has signed up to sponsor the CT Solar Challenge™, a community – based program which promotes the adoption of solar energy in Connecticut through cost reductions, community outreach and education.  CT Solar Challenge™ is a new model program that reduces the traditional costs of getting solar power through community involvement. The program also achieves economies of scale based on installing multiple solar-energy systems within the same geographic area through a single source vendor. These savings can then be passed on to participants who save thousands of dollars on the cost to install solar.

Under Ms. Gorski’s direction, Bethany continues to demonstrate its leadership in adopting  programs best suited to benefit the town and its residents. The town’s role in the Challenge is to host workshops, recruit volunteers & distribute program information to educate its residents about the benefits of solar power. Bethany’s commitment to promote the Challenge greatly reduces traditional costs and enables homeowners to receive group discounts based on the number of participants.

“This is a win-win situation for everyone.” says the Chairman of the Bethany Clean Energy Task Force, Mike Okrent. “Participants receive Connecticut rebates and Federal tax incentives and the lowest pricing. And most importantly, their electric bills will be greatly reduced and may even be eliminated in some cases. Now is the time for Bethany homeowners to invest in solar energy as it finally makes financial, as well as environmental sense. ” Residents and business owners will be invited to the launch of the CT Solar Challenge™ at the first of several Solar Workshops to be held in Bethany. Additional details will be available in January.

For more information contact:
Gail E. Spence, CEM, LEED Green Associate
CT Solar Challenge
1 Research Drive, Suite 2
Branford, CT 06405
800- 505-7419