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Woodbridge Solar Challenge Last Chance Workshop

2014-10-03 09.07.32 Woodbridge is hosting one last Solar Workshop on November 4th, 6pm, at the Woodbridge Library. There will be fall themed refreshments and you may be a lucky winner of one of the many door prizes to be given away. Please register online at to reserve your spot. Space is limited.

The Town of Woodbridge’s participation in the CT Solar Challenge has been so successful that the Town may earn the largest free solar array awarded to date through the program.

Last fall the Town began the Woodbridge Energy Challenge to help residents make their homes more energy efficient and more reliant on clean energy. As part of this challenge the Town signed on to the CT Solar Challenge which offers discounted pricing on solar installations to Woodbridge residents.

In addition to the discount for residents, the Town will earn a free solar array at the end of the program. The size of the free solar array will depend on how many kilowatts of solar are installed in Woodbridge through the Town’s chosen vendor for this program, Aegis Solar.

Already the Town has earned a free 5kW array. As of early September there were 25 contracts signed in Woodbridge for a total of 220 kilowatts of new solar installations. Another 60 residents have received proposals from Aegis. If the Town reaches 250 kW, the Town will earn a free 7kW solar array for municipal use. This will be the largest free solar array awarded through the CT Solar Challenge since its inception in 2013.

“I am very excited at the reception the CT Solar Challenge has had in Woodbridge,” said CT Solar Challenge Director Maggie Treichel. “The success of this program is contributed to the environmental conscience community Woodbridge has proven to be. The Challenge has achieved significant results, more than doubling the amount of solar in Woodbridge in 24 weeks compared to installations over the previous seven years.”

“I am so glad that Woodbridge residents are taking advantage of this program to educate themselves about solar and to go green,” said First Selectman Ellen Scalettar.  “I created the Ad Hoc Energy Advisory Task Force with the goal of bringing a solar program to Woodbridge and they’ve done a great job in overseeing and implementing the Woodbridge Solar Challenge.”

Woodbridge- Last Chance Solar Workshop

2014-10-03 09.07.32The Woodbridge Energy Challenge invites you to a “last chance” solar workshop at the Woodbridge Town Library on June 9. To attend, please register at

The CT Solar Challenge is offering discounted pricing on solar installations to Woodbridge residents through July 31. At this workshop residents will have a chance to ask questions and learn what makes a good solar site and learn about financing options.

“The Woodbridge Energy Challenge is about giving Woodbridge residents the tools to go solar and save energy,”said First Selectman Ellen Scalettar. “I urge you to look into these options to see how you can help Woodbridge be a greener and more energy efficient town.”

CT Solar Challenge helps communities by leveraging group purchasing power to lower the cost of residential solar installations. Additionally, Woodbridge will earn a free solar energy system to be installed on a Town property. The size of the solar energy system will be determined by the number of residents that participate in the CT Solar Challenge.

To date 12 Woodbridge residents have signed contracts with Aegis Solar, the Town’s chosen vendor, for a total of 103.54 kW of solar power. In addition to all the clean energy that will be generated on these residents’homes, the Town will receive a free 2kW solar array.


Woodbridge: The Solar Challenge is on!

W-solar-workshopNearly 100 people attended the first workshop as part of the Woodbridge Energy Challenge, a program that provides one-stop shopping for residents interested in saving energy.

The Nov. 18 workshop focused on solar energy and also provided residents with information about home energy assessments. The Woodbridge Energy Challenge was recommended by by the Town’s Ad Hoc Energy Advisory Task Force, comprised of chair Lisa Connor, Lor Ferrante Fernandes and Dawn Kopel.

Addressing the crowd, First Selectman Ellen Scalettar explained that she formed the Task Force with the goal of helping residents interested in going solar. “The great attendance at this workshop shows that Woodbridge residents are interested in lowering their energy bills and being good stewards of the environment,” Scalettar said later. “I hope to see many more residents at other Woodbridge Energy Challenge events this winter.”

At the solar workshop, residents learned about the benefits of going solar, what makes a good site for solar, different financing options and available rebates. Following a short presentation, residents asked many questions and had a chance to sign up for a free solar assessment and learn about home energy audits.

The Town of Woodbridge is partnering with CT Solar Challenge, a community-based program that promotes the adoption of solar energy through cost reduction, community outreach, and education. Residents are free to use any solar company they choose, but the Town has negotiated discounted pricing with a selected vendor, Aegis Solar. Aegis ran a similar program in Bethany a few years ago.

In conjunction with the CT Solar Challenge, the program is designed to help residents make their homes as energy efficient as possible through energy assessments. Residents who have not yet given their homes an energy checkup are encouraged to obtain a Home Energy Solutions (HES) assessment.

Segments of the Nov. 18 workshop are available on YouTube,

Woodbridge Joins the Challenge!

2014-10-03 09.07.32The grass roots initiative CT Solar Challenge today announced that it will partner with Woodbridge to bring affordable and easy-to-install solar power to local residents and businesses.

CT Solar Challenge will hold a early bird solar workshop for Woodbridge homeowners and businesses from 6:30 pm to 8pm on November 18th at Woodbridge Library. Registration is required go to and click on Woodbridge register at the bottom of the page, space is limited. Woodbridge is the 11th community to partner with CT Solar Challenge, a nonprofit group-buying initiative that works with towns to lower solar installation costs.

“I’m very pleased to welcome Woodbridge to the CT Solar Challenge family,” CT Solar Challenge Director Maggie Treichel said. “CT Solar Challenge provides homeowners and businesses with an affordable path to solar. Our community approach cuts costs and passes those savings on to residents. Solar saves money over the long term and has never been cheaper.”

Woodbridge First Selectwoman Ellen Scalettar said she looks forward to working with CT Solar Challenge to bring affordable solar to town.

“CT Solar Challenge and Woodbridge want to paint the town green,” Scalettar said. “I’m very pleased to offer residents the opportunity to install solar for less. CT Solar Challenge is a community effort, using local residents to promote and explain solar to their friends, neighbors and family. Engaging the community enables the program to cut costs and pass on those savings to residents. I urge residents to attend CT Solar Challenge’s upcoming workshop.”

CT Solar Challenge provides one-stop shopping. At the workshop, CT Solar Challenge team members will guide residents through the sign up and installation process, explaining solar equipment, tax incentives, installation and financing. Homeowners who have used the initiative will be on hand to answer questions and talk about their experience.

CT Solar Challenge offers all three types of solar, electricity, hot water and pool heating.

CT Solar Challenge’s limited enrollment period and community promotion model drives down solar marketing and advertising costs. As people join the program, these savings are passed on to participants through four tiers of pricing. CT Solar Challenge has had great success in each of the sponsored towns, reaching the lowest Tier 4 pricing with just under 200 kilowatts installed.

CT Solar Challenge also reduces costs by buying in bulk and using a single installer. The installer for Woodbridge will be Aegis Solar Energy.

“I look forward to partnering with CT Solar Challenge and Woodbridge to bring affordable solar to residents and businesses,” Aegis Solar Energy President and CEO Chris Lenda said. “Our company has more than 20 years experience installing solar. We will custom design and install a system that fits your needs.”

The time has never been better to go solar, Treichel said.

“As the price of solar panels has dropped, utility electricity rates have continued to rise, making solar energy affordable for everyone,” she said. “Going solar has never been easier. Homeowners will enjoy a free solar assessment to see if they are a good candidate for solar. Custom design, permitting, construction, connection with the utility and warranty are all included in the program.”

Attendees to the xx workshop are asked to register beforehand. Go to the CT Solar Challenge website at, click on Woodbridge and follow the instructions.

Other towns that have partnered with CT Solar Challenge are: Bethany, Chester, Clinton, Derby, East Haven, Hamden, Madison, North Branford, Old Saybrook and Westbrook.