Clinton’s First Selectman Willie Fritz HES Audit and Site Assessment for Solar

fritz1In effort to make a good example for the citizen’s of Clinton,  First Selectman Willie Fritz participated in a Home Energy Solutions (HES) program conducted by Smart Energy, and a Solar Assessment preformed by  Aegis Solar Energy .

Home Energy Solutions which is part of the Energize Connecticut initiative designed a program to help people save money on their monthly energy bills.  Smart Energy came to the First Selectman’s home and used a blower door machine to measure the air tightness.

They will also offer CFL (compact florescent lighting) and LED lighting which the utility company will pay up to 40% of that cost. They also offer low flow shower heads, and irritator for the faucet to save on hot water.  While these services are valued at an average of $1,000, the cost for the HES service is only $75 for homes heated by electricity or natural gas, $99 for homes heated with fuel oil and propane and is free for those who meet income eligibility guidelines.

fritz2First Selectman Willie Fritz said, “The town as a whole is participating in energy efficient programs that the task force has been promoting.  We have had a great response from the citizen’s and I want to set a good example by being one of the first to have my house assessed for energy efficiency and solar electric.”

The Clinton Energy Task Force chair Paul Gebauer was there to talk about CT Solar Challenge, one of Clinton’s programs to aid in the pledge to become a clean energy community. “I am happy to see the program taking off in Clinton.  I not only got the HES audit done but I am also in the process of getting Solar Electric on my house.” Paul said.

Connecticut Solar Challenge (CTSC) is a  nonprofit organization that supports and promotes the adoption of solar energy in Connecticut through cost reduction, community outreach and solar energy education. Communities that sponsor the Connecticut Solar Challenge™ (CTSC) will earn a free solar energy system to be installed on a town property. The free solar energy system is based on the total kW installed through Connecticut Solar Challenge™ (CTSC). Making solar simple and affordable

fritz3According to Mark Garrett, a solar analyst at Aegis, the First Selectman’s house is a good match for solar. “Willie’s house faces south, and by removing one tree he will be able to put a average size solar array up with no problem“ Mark said. “With 20 panels the system would be 5kW.  This would provide enough energy to cover nearly 100% of his electric bill.”

Right now is the best time to go solar.  With the state grants and federal state rebates you are paying about half the price to put solar on your house.