Connecticut Solar Challenge Expands to Hamden

hamdenpostcardFrom the Mayor’s Office:

Mayor Scott Jackson announced today that CT Solar Challenge is coming to Hamden, a town initiative that makes solar simple and affordable for residents.

“We’re excited to welcome CT Solar Challenge to town,” Mayor Scott Jackson said. “CT Solar Challenge will help achieve our goal of making Hamden the state’s most energy efficient town. I’m pleased that the program is community driven, using volunteers to offer solar to their neighbors. We urge residents to find out if this
program is right for them.”

CT Solar Challenge officially kicks off with a workshop on June 10 from 7 to 9 p.m. at Miller Memorial Library’s Thornton-Wilder Hall at 2901 Dixwell Ave. Attendees are asked to register by going to, and clicking on the Hamden tab. The program will only be offered for a limited time.

The June 10 workshop will include information on:

  • How to generate clean electricity and hot water
  • How to take advantage of state rebates and federal tax credits
  • Explanations of how CT Solar Challenge is able to further reduce the cost of solar installation
  • Learn about different finance options available
  • The positive environmental impacts of solar energy

Hamden Community Development Manager Chris Marchand called the program a great opportunity to install solar.

“CT Solar Challenge makes Hamden more energy efficient, helping our environment and competitiveness. CT Solar Challenge offers residents and businesspeople a significant break on installation, enabling more of them to go green. This program fits perfectly with Mayor Jackson’s initiative to make Hamden a model of alternative energy and efficiency.”

CT Solar Challenge partners with municipalities to offer residents and businesses solar arrays for less. The program cuts costs by using volunteers for outreach networking and education, and hiring a single vendor who buys in bulk. It then passes on those savings to consumers.

As an added feature, every resident who signs up for the program earn the town points toward a free solar array to be installed on a municipal building. CT Solar Challenge has already partnered with Bethany, Madison, Clinton, Chester and North Branford. It is available statewide.

“We are so excited and pleased that Mayor Jackson has invited CT Solar Challenge to Hamden,” Director Maggie Treichel said. “We are eager to bring the benefits of solar to such a large and vibrant community. With rising energy costs, solar puts the control back in the hands of the residents, and thanks to subsidies and savings through CT Solar Challenge, it now makes economical sense and not just a environmentally responsible investment. Our program cuts costs by using volunteers for marketing, as well as hiring a single vendor who buys in bulk passing the savings down to the residents.”

For more information, visit CT Solar Challenge’s website at or contact Treichel at 203-451-3449 or