Energy Challenge Joins the Madison Farmer’s Market

Madison Farmers marketMadison, CT – Farmers markets are becoming more popular than ever and in some areas, the draw is about much more than just the fresh produce. Madison will have a new array of options as the Farmers Market is opening its door to the Madison Energy Challenge on May 29th.

Organizers say locally grown, fresh foods are increasing in demand and energy conservation seems to tie into that message perfectly. While the focus is still on fresh produce, much more will be available. “The focus is on food, but we will be able to inform residents on state and federal incentives for energy conservation efforts. If you missed your opportunity to come out to a workshop, now is the time to hear what all the talk is about.” said Woodie Weiss of the Madison Energy & Efficiency Committee.

To gain even more interest, one organizer says they are going to incorporate activities to get the kids involved to become informed about solar power. “We really think that it’s almost as important for kids to know about the different types of energy options that are available as where their food comes from and eating healthy, nutritious foods,” says MaggieTreichel of the CT Solar Challenge. Some of those activities will be a solar bead bracelet and launching a solar balloon.

The Madison Farmers Market at the Town Green is happening Friday, May 29th from 3 to 6pm.