FAQs for CT Solar Challenge Participants

How does the program help me?

Madison CT Solar Challenge Workshop

Participants save thousands on the cost to install solar and receive the best warranties in the industry.

Your system will be installed only by Connecticut-based companies with a history of high quality and reliable installations within the state.

Where do I begin?

  1. See if your town is sponsoring the program.
  2. Fill in the Sign-Up form to attend a workshop. All the program details will be explained at that time.
  3. If your town’s w
    orkshop has passed, request an appointment for a site assessment.

I don’t see my town listed under “Participating Communities or Sponsors”.

Your town must be listed to participate in the program. If you wish to participate, contact your local Energy Task Force or selectman’s office and ask them to become a CT Solar Challenge Sponsor. There is no cost to the town and any town can become a sponsor. Or contact us and we’ll work with you to get the CT Solar Challenge in your community.

How much does a solar energy system cost?

Participants receive discounted tiered pricing in addition to generous Connecticut rebates and a 30 % federal tax credit. The exact system cost depends on several different factors. To learn more, attend a workshop or contact a Solar Coach in your town. (*Solar electric systems (PV): Qualify for rebates and tax credits. Solar water heating systems (Thermal): Qualify for tax credits only. Solar pool heating: Rebates and tax credits are NOT available for pool heating systems.)

How much money and electricity will I save?

People with solar electric systems can eliminate or greatly reduce their electric bills depending on the system size, shading & orientation.

Attend a workshop or speak with a Solar Coach in your town for more information.

How do I know if my house is right for solar?

If your home has a relatively unshaded roof that faces anywhere from southeast to southwest, you are a candidate for solar power. If you don’t have roof space, you can install a fixed or tracking array on the ground, space permitting.  All participants receive a site assessment.

Do I have to apply for rebates or permits?

No. All paperwork regarding rebates, tax credits, permits, interconnections with the utility and inspections is the responsibility of your town’s Solar Provider.

What is the timeframe of the Challenge?

The solar Challenge will run for 6 months from the official launch date. You must purchase a system within that time frame to participate in the program.

Still have questions?  Give us call at (800) 505-7419 or send an email