Are there any costs for my town to sponsor the CT Solar Challenge?

No, there are no costs for the town to participate.

How does my town earn a solar photovoltaic system?

Madison Earns Free Solar Array for Town with CT Solar Challenge

Towns that sponsor the CTSC will earn a free solar photovoltaic system to be installed on a town building. When the program ends, the total number of kW of solar energy installed through the program will be calculated and will determine the size of the free system.

What is the timeframe of the Challenge?

The program will run for six months beginning on the date of the Launch Workshop. Participants must purchase a solar system within those six months.

What are the town’s responsibilities?

  1. Sign a Letter of Commitment.
  2. Designate a town Liaison to act as the primary contact between CTSC and the town.
  3. Recruit volunteers, engage civic organizations, and distribute program materials.
  4. Provide space for workshops.

The town is provided with all marketing materials and signage. The success of the program depends primarily on the efforts of the Liaison , the volunteers, and the support they receive from town officials.

How can my town sponsor the CT Solar Challenge program or learn more?

Have someone from the town or from your town’s energy task force contact CTSC:

Maggie Treichel
Connecticut Solar Challenge Assistant Director