Westbrook Hosts a Solar Workshop

Westbrook Joins CT Solar Challenge

Westbrook Hosts a Solar Workshop

There have been enough new residential solar installations in Westbrook to reward the Town with a solar array for one of the municipal buildings through the CT Solar Challenge program.  Representatives of Aegis Solar Energy, Westbrook’s chosen installer for the program, are convinced there’s enough momentum that that the town can double the rewarded array.

When Westbrook’s participation in CT Solar Challenge began last fall, there were about 20 residential solar power installations in town, and 12 new contracts have been signed. The idea is to double that number; the program runs through September, but there will only be one more full workshop provided this spring. The Town has contracted with Aegis for installation costs among the lowest of shoreline towns, and Aegis is a local installer with decades of experience.

According to Aegis, 130 people registered online at CTSolarChallenge.com to receive more information about the program. “Not everyone is a good fit for solar, but whoever is interested will receive a free site assessment.” Lenda said.  Lease or installment purchase costs for a system to replace Eversource as the supplier (formerly CL&P) are designed to be less than a resident’s monthly electric bill, especially with the recent rate hike.

Aegis Solar is planning one more presentation in town this spring on solar power covering financial aspects involved, aesthetics and how the technology works on Tuesday, June 2nd in the Community Room of the Westbrook Library from 7 to 9 PM. An update and info on the program will also be provided at the Council of Beaches meeting in the Town Hall at 7 PM on Monday, (May 4 or June 1). Residents can request a free site visit or get more information at CTSolarChallenge.com/Westbrook.