Woodbridge: The Solar Challenge is on!

W-solar-workshopNearly 100 people attended the first workshop as part of the Woodbridge Energy Challenge, a program that provides one-stop shopping for residents interested in saving energy.

The Nov. 18 workshop focused on solar energy and also provided residents with information about home energy assessments. The Woodbridge Energy Challenge was recommended by by the Town’s Ad Hoc Energy Advisory Task Force, comprised of chair Lisa Connor, Lor Ferrante Fernandes and Dawn Kopel.

Addressing the crowd, First Selectman Ellen Scalettar explained that she formed the Task Force with the goal of helping residents interested in going solar. “The great attendance at this workshop shows that Woodbridge residents are interested in lowering their energy bills and being good stewards of the environment,” Scalettar said later. “I hope to see many more residents at other Woodbridge Energy Challenge events this winter.”

At the solar workshop, residents learned about the benefits of going solar, what makes a good site for solar, different financing options and available rebates. Following a short presentation, residents asked many questions and had a chance to sign up for a free solar assessment and learn about home energy audits.

The Town of Woodbridge is partnering with CT Solar Challenge, a community-based program that promotes the adoption of solar energy through cost reduction, community outreach, and education. Residents are free to use any solar company they choose, but the Town has negotiated discounted pricing with a selected vendor, Aegis Solar. Aegis ran a similar program in Bethany a few years ago.

In conjunction with the CT Solar Challenge, the program is designed to help residents make their homes as energy efficient as possible through energy assessments. Residents who have not yet given their homes an energy checkup are encouraged to obtain a Home Energy Solutions (HES) assessment.

Segments of the Nov. 18 workshop are available on YouTube, www.youtube.com/channel/UCDRBxtG6vnYgzl37Lz-mbAw